We have created Boost-order.com with great passion in order to provide our customers best experience while using our service. To demonstrate how our site works we have made a Demo Profile to show our customers what they can expect after buying boost. You can track progress of your order and be in touch with your booster thanks to our live chat. You can check our Boosters and detailed information about them in their profiles to see booster rank, portfolio or user reviews. Besides we have prepared a loyalty program with discounts for our customers that will register on our site.
League of Legends account cannot be stolen by anyone until you have access to your e­mail. Regardless, we also take extreme care to ensure that your information is kept secure.
No, they won’t write to anyone from your friend list or reply back to anyone whispering to them.
Our boosters will not spend your IP/RP without asking you.
Yes, while ordering a boost under order details are bonus options. You can choose there:

- Specific roles

- Your favorite champions

- Location of Flash on D or F
After purchase you can leave a message to your booster. If you register on our site you will be able to contact your booster by using our live chat on your profile. You can check the Demo Profile for our customers.
If you register on our site you will be able to see the progress of your boost there. You can check the Demo Profile for our customers.
Yes, boosters can change your Runes or Masteries if it would seem profitable to them in order to provide best performance during elo boosting.
Yes, you can use spectate ingame tool by login from another League account, just add the account you want to spectate into your friend list, right-click on that profile and choose spectate option.
On average, 1 to 2 divisions per day.
Yes, but only if you've bought Duo Boosting or if you selected bonus option "Regular Duo" or "Premium Duo" in Placements Boosting, Pay per Win Boosting or Boosting Bundles.
Yes, but before that please contact your booster or use the Pause order button on your profile. You can play anything apart from ranked games on queue you bought boost. Playing ranked games on queue you bought boost while the order is active goes against our Terms of Service.
For now we accept payments through PayPal. By using PayPal, you can pay via credit card or bank transfer. Creating a PayPal account is free.
We boost on EU West, North America, EU Nordic & East, Brazil, Turkey, Oceania and Russia.
You can ask us the question through the Contact page or on the website’s Live Support Chat which is located in the left-bottom corner of site.