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Current discount amount: 25%

DISCOUNTS ALL THE TIME! - is running discount promotions up to 30% constantly for all of our elo boosting or coaching services. All our promotions are adding up to each other.

Boost-order points

Collect Boost-order points

1BUY OUR SERVICES - Purchasing any of our services, no matter if it would be elo boosting or coaching, will receive Boost-order points. For every euro or dollar spent on our services you will receive one BOP.

2REFER A FRIEND - Recommend to your friend and he will get a 5% discount for his first purchase and both of you will get bonus of 100 BOP. You can invite as many friends as you want.

Use Boost-order points

1MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM - If you register on our website then you have a permanent 10% discount for all services! You can reduce prices by up to 20% spending Boost-order points.

2DISCOUNTS ON ALL SERVICES - You can spend your Boost-order points to get lower price on your next boost order. The more BOP you have the bigger discount you can have. The levels of discounts by amount of points are: 25 - 2% cheaper, 80 - 5% cheaper, 250 - 8% cheaper, 400 - 10% cheaper.